Spanish Civil War Causes


King Alfonso XIII

1886 - 1931

people not happy with the voting system. Elections were rigged and the parliament had no real power. Power was held by wealthy oligarchs and this created social and political insecurity.

Urban poverty

1900 - 1931

bad conditions for industrial workers. 25.6% of workforce by 1930 in industry

Rural Poverty

1900 - 1931

latifundia. Agricultural employment constituted 45.5% of workforce by 1930

Primo de Rivera

1923 - 1930

dictator but with a powerless monarch as head of state

Collapse of monarchy


GDP decreased by 20%

1930 - 1939

Establishment of Second Spanish Republic


people voted for democratic republic

Left-wing coalition government

June 1931 - November 1933

Falange formed


CEDA formed


By Robles

Right-wing coalition govt.

Nov. 1933 - Feb 1936

Asturias Uprising


revolt of miners and workers. Right massacred them and within 2 weeks revolt ended with 1335 killed

Imports 1/2 of what they were in 1929


Increase in Falange membership


Left-wing coa. govt- POPULAR FRONT

Feb. 1936 - July 1936

Murder of Calvo Sotelo

July 1936

Right-wing monarchist leader. His murder convinced people of the need for a military dictatorship and that left-wing violence had to be stopped