Year of Feb and Oct rev


14th-News that bread would be rationed on 1st March

14th February 1917

Long round the clock queues
Violent exchanges
Police attacked and struggled to keep order

14th-Strikes in Petrograd

14th February 1917

100,00 workers from 58 different factories

22nd-workers locked out Putilov Iron Works by management after pay talks collaspse

22nd February 1917

Workers go on strike in other factories to show support

23rd-Women International day

23rd February 1917

90,000 workers go on strike
50 factories closed
workers join traditional march of women from Petrograd suburbs to the city center along with militant students and women from bread queues
City falls into chaos c240,000 out on streets
Order restored desperate police force in the early evening although day sees no loss of life

24th-200,000 workers on strike and crowds to over turn tsarist status

24th February 1917

Waving red flags, wearing red rosettes, shouting rev slogans and singing 'La Marseillaise'
No obvious organisation of any radical political parties
Some radical distribute emblems and banners bearing political demand

25th-250,000 on strike and Petrograd at standstill

25th February 1917

All major factories and most shops shut
No newspapers
No public transport
Violence escalated as Police Chief Shalfeev tries control masses
Civilians killed by soldiers on Nevskil Prospekt
Cossacks refused to attack strikers when ordered

26th-Telegram set to tsar

26th February 1917

Duma president (Rodzianko)sends tsar telegram-'The situation is serious. The capital is in a state of anarchy. The gov. is paralysed; the transport service has broken down; the food and fuel suppliesare completely disorganised. Discontent is general and on the increase. There is wild shootings in the street. Troops are firing at each other. It is urgent that someone enjoying the confidence of the country be entrusted with the formation of a new gov. There must be no delay. hesitation is failure.'

Nicholas 'That fat-bellied Rodizanko has written some nonsense to which i shall not even bother to reply'
Duma is told to stop meeting

27th-Petrograd Soviet set up

27th February 1917

intend to take over gov.
Organise food supplies

27th-Tsar order military to take control with force

27th February 1917

Major-General Khabalov- Commander of the Petrograd military district
40 demonstrators in the city killed
Mutiny begins in Volynskii regiment where sergeant shoots his commanding officer dead
66,000 solider mutiny and join protestors arming them 40,000 rifles, police headquarters attacked and prison opened
Duma holds meeting set up 12 provisional committee take over gov.
army High Command, who had gave orders attack city, stopped troops to support duma

28th-Nicholas leaves military quaterat Mogilev

28th February 1917

Sends telegram to Rodzianko offering to share power in the Duma
Response from the leader- 'The measures you propose are too late. The time for them has gone. There is no return.'

2nd- Tsar abductates

2nd March 1917

3rd-Lenin returns and April Thesis

3rd April 1917

Thesis complied over next few week

3rd-First All Russian Congress of Workers' and soldiers' department

3rd June 1917

2nd-Trotsky join Boleshviks

2nd July 1917

3rd-4th-July Days

3rd July 1917

Ant-gov demonstration in Petrograd

5th-7th-Boleshvik leaders arrested

5th July 1917

Including Trotsky
Lenin flees to Finland

18th-Kerensky becomes First minister

18th July 1917

27th-30th-Kornilov affair failed

27th July 1917

Bolshevik Red Guards are given arms

Trotsky become chairman of Petrograd Soviet

September 1917

Boleshviks command majorities

September 1917

St Petrograd and Moscow soviet

10th-Lenin attends meeting and Boleshvik led rev agreed

10th October 1917

Meeting held at Bolshevik Central Committee

20th-Military Revolutionary Committee meet for first time

20th October 1917

Of Petrograd Soviet

24th-Armed workers+soilders take over key buildings in Petrograd

24th October 1917

Led by Bolsheviks
Organised by Military Revolutionary Committee
Took over communication centers

Boleshvik took power

25th October 1917

Remaining members Prov Gov arrested
'Revolution' announced second Congress of Soviet
congress adopt Lenin decree on peace and decree on land
Appoints first soviet gov, Council of People's Commissars- Lenin as Chairman

Cheka established

December 1917

Secret police force