Bebop begins

October 2nd, 1940

Bebop started to be performed in concert halls

January 3rd, 1943

First formal recording of Bebop

February 16, 1944

Coleman Hawkins led a group with Dizzy Gillespie, ‘Woody’n you’ This was the first formal recording of bebop

Charlie Parker yea~

September 15,1944

His first formal recording

Thelonious Monk on the Piano

October 19, 1944

Hawkins let another group, but with Thelonious Monk on the Piano

Swing Era Begins

March 3, 1945

Second wave of Bebop begins

Approx. 1950

Clifford Brown, Sonny Stitt…began to smooth out the early type of bebop

Some changes...Miles Davis

Approx. 1950

Bebop was still the most famous type of Jazz, the harmonic devices were changed to the ‘new’ school way, mainly led by Miles Davis

Bebop Jazz starts to become very cool and very popular

January 11,1951

New Developments

Approx. 1955

New developments of Jazz starts to begin, basically the end of ‘Bebop Music’