1905 Revolution


3rd-Strike at the Putilov Iron Works

3rd January 1905

9th-Bloody Sunday

9th January 1905

4th-Assassination of the Grand Duke Sergi Aleksandrovich

4th February 1905

Tsars uncle
Killed by the Socialist Revolutionary bomb

18th-Nicholas reaffirms his faith in autocratic rule but promises elected consultative assembly

18th February 1905

Asks Bulygin to prepare draft proposal

Zemstvo liberal meet in Moscow

March 1905

All Russian Union of Railway Workers established and illegal trade unions formed

April 1905

Union of Unions set up

9th May 1905

Federation of liberal/left professional unions
Demanding full civil and political rights, universal suffrage and nationwide elections to an assembly with full legislative power
Peasants' congress in Moscow calls for All-Russian Union of Peasants

Congress of Union of Unions prepare for a General Strike

2nd June 1905

14th-Muting on the Battleship Potemkin

14th June 1905

Spread of peasent unrest

July 1905

Bulygin publishes details of his plans for constitutional reforms

24th July 1905

12th-Zemstvi conference rejects Bylygin's draft proposal

12th September 1905

Bulygin's Duma and demands a Duma elected by universal suffrage

Railway strikes begins

6th October 1905

Moscow railways brought to a halt

10th October 1905

General Strikes in the city

12th-General strike in St Petersburg

12th October 1905

Liberal Kadet party is established by the union of union and Zemstva groups

12th-St Peterburg Soviet set up direct strikes

12th October 1905

17th-General strikes in St Peterburg is called off

17th October 1905

17th-October Manifesto

17th October 1905

Pledging a constitution
Extended franchise and civil liberties
Witte become PM

Issues an amnesty for political prisoner

18th-Demonstration for and against October Manifesto

18th October 1905

Trotsky publicly denounces it
Right wing violence led by Black Hundreds and strikers returned to work
Pobedonstev is dismissed but reactionary Durnovo replaces Bulygin as Minister Internal Affairs

3rd-peasants' redemption payments halved

3rd November 1905

Amidst heightened rural unrest

4th-7th-Second General strike in St Peterburg end

4th November 1905

Demand 8 hr days abandoned

6th-12th- Second congress of Peasants

6th November 1905

Demand nationalisation land

8th-Lenin arrives St Petersburg

8th November 1905

14th-Peasant union leaders are arrested

14th November 1905

14th-Press censorship ends

14th November 1905

26th-St Peterburg Soviet is arrested and Trotsky takes over

26th November 1905

3rd-Government arrests 250 members of St Peterburg Soviet

3rd December 1905

Including Trotsky

7th-General Strike in Moscow paralyses city

7th December 1905

11th-New electoral law grants wide

11th December 1905

Indirect male suffrage, ruthless suppression of rural unrest using the army base

16th-Durnovo order mass dismissal

16th December 1905

of all 'politically inreliable' local gov employees
Full scale artillery barrage of working class (Presyna) of Moscow by Government

19th-Last remnants of Moscow revolts crushed

19th December 1905