The Boy in the striped pajamas


Bruno Finds Out He Is Moving


Bruno comes home to find his mom packing his clothes for the move

Bruno Arrives At Auschwitz

Approx. 1/6/1943

Bruno comes to Auschwitz and sees the people at Auschwitz outside of the window.

Bruno Falls Off The Swing And Meets Pavol


Pavol heals Brunos cut on his leg from the swing.

Bruno Meets Shmuel


Bruno walks along the fence and meets Shmuel

Bruno And His Sister Are Introduced To Their Teacher


Bruno and his sister meet their home school teacher.

Bruno's Mother Plans To Go Back To Berlin

February 25, 1943

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


The Jews have a uprising and gain some freedom.

Uprising Is Over


The Jews have been put back into control and the uprising ends.

Bruno And Shmuel Plan Their Last Adventure


Bruno tells Shmuel hes moving and they plan what they are going to do on the day Bruno moves.

Bruno and Shmuel Die


Bruno and Shmuel are put into a gas chamber after Bruno snuck into the camp to help Schmuel find his father.