The microwave


The discovery of microwaves

Approx. 1947

Dr. Percy Spencer was working on magnetrons when he discovered his chocolate had melted. He soon realized that microwaves could cook.

The microwave was available to the public


Amana put out the "Radarange", the world's first microwave.

The first countertop microwave is released.


Amana put out a smaller version of the Radarange that you can put on a counter.

Laws made microwaves safer.


It was discovered that energy leaked out of microwaves and laws were put in place to make them safer.

Microwave popularity grew.

1975 - 1976

Microwaves were cheaper, did more, and sold better. They soon surpassed the amount of dishwashers in the US.

Almost all homes have a microwave


More than 95% of US homes have a microwave.