Gulliver's Travels -Parts 1 and 2


Start of Gulliver's first voyage.

May 4, 1699

Set sail from Briston, bound for the West Indies.

Gulluver discovered Lilliput.


This is the time that he got to the land of Lilliput.

Lilliput attacked by Blefusco's navy.


This is when Gulliver had to capture all their ships and bring them back to Lilliput.

Gulliver goes back to Europe after living Lilliput.


He finally found his way home after living with those tiny poeple.

Gulliver's second voyage begins where he finds the land of Brobdingnag.


He still loves adverture and sets out to sail where he is left in this big island by the crew of the ship he was travelling in.

Gulliver becomes a performer in Brobdingnag.


The farmer who employed him makes him perform in front of the town to make money for him.

Queen buys Gulliver for a large sum of money.


The queen buys Gulliver after he fainted while he was performing on stage.

Gulliver attends all the royal tours.


Because the queen addored him, he every where with him for all the trips she attended.

Gulliver escapes from Brobdingnag.


A huge bird manages to catch him and drops him in the ocean.

Gulliver returns to England.