Spencer Family Maple Crest Farms


Creating Spencer Family Maple Crest Dairy Farm

Approx. 1968

John Spencer bought Maple Crest Farm. First existed as a dairy farm.

Farm sold to developer

Approx. 1985

Unfortunate financial standings led to the selling of the farm.

Different Directions

Approx. 1988

While working on the family farm, son Jeffrey began his own endeavor at another local farm, building a herd of beef cattle.

Different Directions

Approx. 1989

Son John purchased a farm in Pennsylvania and started his own dairy farm.

Unfinished Deed

Approx. 1996

Buyers backed out of the deal, with an unfinished deed, and John Spencer got the family farm back.

Dairy to Beef Cattle

Approx. 1996

Son Jeffrey returned to Maple Crest Farm changing operation of farm to beef cattle.

Farmland Preserved

Approx. 2006

Spencer Family Maple Crest Farm


The Spencer family farm is a thriving beef cattle business. Maple Crest Farm is now run by son Jeffrey Spencer and grandson Jeffrey Jr. The farm ownership currently in the name of John Spencer.