Iran GATT observer status

Approx. 1948 - 1973

Commission of Iran Economic Commettee

1973 - 1979

The increase in the oil prices was a positive event for Iran. However, the Iranian regime was not found approriate by the Commission and the accession to the GATT was denied.

Islamic Revolution


U.S. became the Iran first enemy, this event will affect negativitly the following access process of Iran in the WTO.

GATT Council of RepresentativesA

1993 - 1995

The Council enstablished a deadline for the observer members to apply for partnership. In 1995 the GATT was replaced by the WTO and Iran lost its chace to be part of the Agreement.

First Accession Step - Application

1996 - 2001
  • Iran's Ministry of Commerce presented the accession document named "WT/ACC/IRN/1" to the WTO Director General;
  • The Working Party was the body entitled to examine the application and draft the Protocol of Accession;
  • U.S. and EU succeded in blocking the application.

Second Accession Step - Observer Status

2005 - 2009

Iran officially became an observer of WTO: the request was blocked 21 times by the U.S. with the aim of maintaining the nuclear negotiations open.

Third Accession Step - Memorandum

2009 - 2011

Iran submitted the "Memorandum" which explains the terms of agreement examintaing by a Working Party.

Forth Accession Step - Question and Answers Session

2011 - 2017

Iran has the task to answer to the other Members questions.