The Silk Road

200 BC - 1300 AD

The Silk Road crossed through Tajikistan.

Tammerlane Conquers Tajikistan

1300 AD

Tajikistan falls under the rule of Turkic Emperor Tammerlane.

Russia Takes Over Tajikistan

1864 AD - 1885 AD

Russians gradually take control of the region that is now Tajikistan.

Russian Civil War

1918 - 1920

200,000 to 480,000 people fled from Tajikistan to Afghanistan due to the civil war. It was a one way trip as most of them did not end up returning.

Soviet Purges in Tajikistan

1927 AD - 1938

Russians purge Tajikistan of 10,000 people, making room for ethnic Russians, who take over most positions of power in the region.

Tajikistan Made a Soviet Socialist Republic

October 16th 1929

Tajikistan is promoted to the status of a Soviet Socialist Republic.

Dushanbe Revolution

1990 AD

The rumor that Armenian refugees were being housed during a time where there was a shortage of housing led 13,000 Tajiks to two days of violent riots, killing 26 people, and injuring more than 500 more.

Tajikistan Declares Its Independence

September 9, 1991

Tajikistan declares its independence after the collapse of the USSR.

Tajikistani Civil War

1992 - 1997

The civil war, which started over political and economic issues, caused an extreme increase in unemployment (from 0.6% to 30%) and destroyed much of Tajikistani's infrastructure and development. This resulted in over 250,000 people fleeing the country.