During the fifth century the Tireks, or groups of Turkic speaking tribes that settled in the steppe that extends from eastern Europe to northern Mongolia.

Turkic Khaganate Rules

552 - 756

During the 6th century this mighty empire ruled the land of current day Kazakhstan. This ethic group stayed in power in the Gnansu, Eastern Turkestan and the Altai areas


The Hephthalites


The main forces of the Hephthalites were defeated by the Turks in 587 near Bukhara. This was a tribe who spanned from the Caspian sea to northern India and Eastern Turkestan. Between 561 and 563, with the shared desire of eliminating the Hephtthalites, the Turks alliance with Iran.This union brought on its intended goal.

Arabs Conquer Bukhara


One Kutayba coerced the Sigdian King Tarhun to refuse help from the Turks against the

Mongols Invade Kazakhstan

1219 - 1224

Mongol-Tatar tribes, led by Genghis Khan, invaded Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Kazakhstan Gains Russias Protection


Empress Anna Ioannovna signed the appointed diploma to khan Abulkhair about acceptance in the Russian citizenship of Kazakhs of Young juz. This was found necessary after the never ending wars with neighboring tribes devastated the social and economic sphere in Kazakhstan. Starting in 1726, the Khan of Young Juz Abulkhair sent an ambassador to Russia in 1726 to ask for her protection against the tribes like The Dzhungars of the East. Sent again in 1730, it was finally signed by the empress in 1731.


Imigrants from Russia and Ukraine settle in Kazakhstan

1868 - 1916

Peasants from Russia and the Ukraine settle in Kazakhstan and start industrial enterprises.

Kazahs Revolt Against the Russian Czar


More than 300,000 people fled the country while 150,000 where killed in this revolt against the Russian Czar.

Civil War in Kazakhstan


Quickly following the bolshevik revolution in Russia, Civil war broke out in Kazakhstan.


Mass deportation from Russia to Kazakhstan


USSR Premier Stalin ordered mass deportation of hundreds of thousands of Koreans, Crimean Tatars, and Germans to Kazakhstan

Ethnic Kazakhs Reduced to a Minority

1954 - 1962

Nikita Khrushchev, the soviet leader, initiated a campaign to develop virgin lands in Kazakhstan that moved nearly 2 million people, and reduced ethic Kazakhs to a minority population. This was also known as the "Virgin Lands" project.

Large loss of population through migration

1991 - 2004

Net Migration accounted fro the loss of 13% of the population

Kazakhstan Declares Independence from the Soviet Union