science 1800 onwards



1700 - 1800

end of cotton industry/ putting out system
start of industry working in factories

Industrial revolution

1700 - 1800

Starts with the revolution in the cotton industry
Cotton revolution start of the industrial revolution; sped up production
Flying shuttle- John Kay: make $ off of textiles (cloth)
Water frame- Richard Arkwright: spinning water frame to spin thread using the power of water to be more efficient at spinning thread →
Powerloom-Edmund Cartwright: steam engine powered by coal, so water isn’t needed and is more efficient.

Steam Engine-James Watt: powered by coal, pumps water out of coal mines and led to the Bessemer process-Sir Henry Bessemer who developed the process to get carbon out of iron and led to steel
steam engine allowed coal to travel to cities to use better iron to transport methods like trains

steam engine

1760 - 1782

James Watt (1736-1819)
engine power by steam pump water from mines
3x quicker than previous engines
made factories possible everywhere not just by rivers/water
first start in Britain

Theory of Organic Evolution

1809 - Present

Charles Darwin (1809-1882)
The Theory of Evolution - evolution over a long period of time
Survival of the Fit- natural selection most fit survive
books On the Origin of Species - plants and animal species
The Descent of Man (1871) animal origin of human beings


1830 - 1840

railroads being developed
start in mines move to trains
(start in Ger then to Br)
1700 wood to cast iron rails

Britain's Great Exhibition of 1851


crystal palace
showed industrial works
jewel of crown india
show how powerful Britain is

modern works

1900 - 2000

Modern railroads, electric lights, airplanes and automobiles