The Battle of Gettysburg


The Confederate's Spot Union Calvary Heading Towards Gettysburg

June 30, 1863

A Confederate Infantry brigade from General A.P. Hill troops heads towards Gettysburg in search of supplies, and they spot Union Calvary also heading towards Gettysburg

Reinforcements Arrive to Support General Buford

Jul 1, 1863

Union soldiers under the orders of Major General John F. Reynolds arrive mid morning the same day to support Buford. Reynolds is soon killed instantly by a bullet to the head.

Lee Orders General R.S. Ewell to Attack Cemetery Hill

Jul 1, 1863

General R.S. Ewell hesitates, which gives Union troops time to bring in reinforcements and set up artillery.

Confederate Commanders Attack The Union Calvary

July 1, 1863

Confederate commanders send troops to engage Brigadier General John Buford's Calvary at Gettysburg by McPherson Ridge.

Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee Arrives in Gettysburg

July 1, 1863

Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee arrives in Gettysburg mid afternoon.

Union Forces Retreat Through Gettysburg and Regroup at Cemetery Hill

July 1, 1863