Timeline: Domestication of Sheep


Sheep were Domesticated

Approx. 9000 BC

They were domesticated in Central Asia

Wool clothing worn in Babylon

4000 BC

wool was spun on drop spindles

Sheep introduced to british isles

55 BC

Spinning Wheel invented

1200 AD

Sheep were brought to America

Approx. 1493 AD

Cortez took sheep to Mexico


England forbid the import of sheep from America

Approx. 1600

The Pilgrims smuggled sheep to the U.S.

1635 AD

The colonies passed a law requiring youth to learn to spin wool

1664 AD

America starts Exporting Wool


The flying shuttle was developed


The English made trading wool crime punishable


Invention of the spinning jenny

1764 AD

The first american woolen mill was established

1769 AD

Water Frame was invented