Life of Archimedes


Archimedes was born

287 B.C

Archimedes Life

287 BC - 212 BC

Inventions of Archimedes Screw, Death Ray, hydrostatics, and the Archimedes Claw

Archimedes traveled to Alexandria to study

269 B.C

returns to Syracuse

263 B.C

Inventions: Archimedes Claw, screw, and water buoyancy theories

262 BC - 215 B.C

Actual start date is unknown.

King Hiero's Death

216 B.C

King Hiero's Successor's Death

215 B.C

Roman's siege of Syracuse

212 B.C.

Archimedes death, killed by a soldier who was sent to get Archimedes out alive.

212 B.C.