Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry


hand-me-down textbooks

Approx. september 3, 1933

Mrs. Logan gives the kids beat up textbooks that the white schools didn't want

sabotaging the bus route

Approx. september 5, 1933

Cassie and her brothers sabotage the bus route by making it crash

Stacey beats up TJ

september 7, 1933

at the Wallace store Cassie catches Stacey beat up TJ then Mama takes them to the Berry's and they see his scars from what happens when you fight

the first time going to Strawberry

october 1, 1933

Cassie gets to go to Strawberry for the first time because she is old enough and Mama doesn't want to listen to TJ the whole time. Cassie ends up being hurt and experiences racism for the first time. Then she accidently bumps into Lilian Jean and is forced to apologize.

Papa and Uncle Hammer

october 2, 1933

Papa comes home with Uncle Hammer. Cassie tells Uncle Hammer about what has happened at Strawberry and what Charlie Simms did to her. Uncle Hammer is furious and wants to kill Charlie Simms


november 20, 1933

Cassie decides to get revenge on Lilian Jean by becoming "close" to her and learning all her secrets about her and her brothers. Cassie then blackmails Lilian Jean and then beats her up

Mrs. Logan gets fired

march 25, 1934

TJ gets Mama (Mrs. Logan) fired because she wasn't teaching what she was supposed to and she fails TJ on purpose because he cheats. Cassie and her brothers don't talk to TJ because of what he did, now they won't get the money they need


may 26, 1934

Papa, Mr. Morrison, and Stacey are ambushed by the Wallaces. Papa ends up getting shot and a broken leg, but luckily the shot wasn't fatal and he could heal from it

bad people can make you bad

may 27, 1934

Cassie hears that TJ is hanging out with R.W. and Melvin Simms and they treat him badly. When TJ comes back from hanging out with the Simms brothers, Cassie finds out that TJ killed Mr. Barnett.


july 1, 1934

Cassie learns that TJ could be put in jail or be executed for what he did.

the fire

july 1, 1934

Papa sets the woods on fire by his house on purpose to distract everyone from what's happening and to not have TJ hanged.

the land

july 2, 1934

Cassie and her family cry for the land because it was ruined in the fire and that was a way of them getting money, now they are even more in debt.