Developmental Timeline



01/15/2001 - 01/16/2001

From birth to roughly 2 years old, Piaget's Sensorimotor Stage of Cognitive Development. Significant because it is a stage of tremendous growth and development, as I used sensory perceptions and motor activities to learn about the world around me.

First Word

12/04/01 - 12/05/01

Piaget's preoperative stage. This stage is important as I gained more knowledge of the world around me and began to develop the skills needed to speak.

First Understandable Sentence is Said

10/20/2002 - 10/21/2002

Substage 6 of the Sensorimotor stage. Very significant because I showed a deep understanding of not just words but language and sentence structure.

School Begins

09/16/2006 - 9/17/2006

Erikson's school age stage. It's significant because my education begins, and education is extremely important and marks a new stage of my life.

Middle School Begins

09/13/2012 - 09/14/2012

Erikson's adolescence stage begins. Significant transition stage between childhood and adulthood as one I began to try and find out who I am as an individual.

High School Begins

9/10/2015 - 9/11/2015

Kohlberg's self interest orientation stage. I really start to find what I'm interested in and passioante about, which is cars and sports.

College Begins

10/2/2020 - 10/3/2020

Erikson's Young Adulthood stage. I began to study whatever I choose to study (likely engineering) and just start to find what my role is going to be in the "real world."

Full-Time Job Begins

4/18/2025 - 4/19/2025

Erikson's young and middle adulthood stages. I began to make the transition from schooling to the work force, hopefully in a field I enjoy.

First Child is Born

08/01/2031 - 08/02/2031

Erikson's Maturity Stage. I have for the most part figured out who I am and who I want to be, and am now largely focused on taking care of my family.

First Grandchild born

03/16/2064 - 03/17/2064

Erikson's late adulthood stage. My years of working are likely over and I just start to focus on enjoying my last years on earth with my family members.