Comparative Classical Civilizations


Greek alphabet invented (GREECE)

740 BCE


Alexander becomes King of Macedon (GREECE)

336 BCE


Terracotta warriors built for Qin Shihuangdi's burial chamber

246 BCE - 209 BCE


Emperor Qin Shihuangdi became ruler

221 BCE


Great Wall of China

214 BCE

Qin Shihuangdi, an emperor in the Qin dynasty, linked existing defensive walls to create a continuous wall with defensive towers

Burning of scholarly knowledge in China

213 BCE

Ordered by Emperor Qin Shihuangdi of China

Han dynasty in China

206 BCE - 9 CE

Succeeded the Qin dynasty

Chang-an begins being built

202 BCE - 200 BCE

First great city in Chinese history, built after the Han dynasty succeeded the Qin

Sima Qian, historian of China, born

135 BCE

Grand historian to the court of Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty in China
"Records of the Grand Historian" is considered one of the first recorded histories

Silk Road starts being used in China

130 BCE - 1453 CE

The Han dynasty officially opened trade with the West. Routes were closed when the Ottoman Empire boycotted trade with China and the East.

Wang Mang seized the throne of China

9 CE

Marked the end of the Han dynasty
Proclaimed the new Xin dynasty with himself as emperor

Papermaking was invented

105 CE