classical athens


foundation of athenian democracy

508 BCE
  • cleisthenes creates demokratia to represent the people
  • just the free adult males though

persian wars

490 BCE - 479 BCE
  • persians invade twice
  • athens defeats them both times
  • creates a sense of unity and liberty
  • strengthens athenian naval and military power

athenian empire

479 BCE - 430 BCE
  • military, intellectual, political, and cultural dominance
  • justified its empire by saying they secured greece and are superior
  • sparks tension with other city-states

pelopennesian war

431 BCE - 404 BCE
  • smaller city-states convince sparta, a powerful polis, to declare war
  • sparta defeats athens
  • athenian democracy is weakened by this

macedonian conquests

338 BCE - 323 BCE
  • alexander the great of macedon ends athenian democracy

end of classic athens

322 BCE
  • athenian democracy is dissolved
  • athens' classical period ends