Important Events in Greece and Ancient Rome

Greece = Blue, Rome = Yellow, Green = Non-Specific


End of the Bronze Age

1200 BC

(Greek History)

Iron (or Dark) Age

1200 BC - 800 BC

(Greek History)

Iron Age

900 BC - 753 BC

(Roman History)

Archaic Period

800 BC - 480 BC

(Greek History)

Traditional date for first Olympic games

776 BC

'Regnal' Period

753 BC - 509 BC

(Roman History)

Traditional date for foundation of Rome

753 BC

Homer Writes the Iliad and the Odyssey

750 BC

The Iliad and The Odyssey are books wrttien by poet Homer, the stories are about the Battle of Troy and Odysseus' journey afterward.

Lydia conqoured by Persians. Pisistratus becomes tyrant of Athens

546 BC

Roman Republic

509 BC - 31 BC

(Roman History)

Traditional date for expulsion of last king from Rome

509 BC

Cleisthenes' reforms at Athens

507 BC

Athens Becomes a Democracy

505 BC

Athens was the first city in the world ever to have a democratic government.

Classical Period

480 BC - 323 BC

(Greek History)

Victory at the island of Salimis

480 BC - 476 BC

When a minuscule amount of Athenian ships outsmarted the legions of ships the Persians possesed. Athens navy was lead by Themistocles.

Battle of Plataea

479 BC

The Laws of the Twelve Tables

449 BC

One of the earliest surviving law codes to protect both upper and lower class.

Peloponnesian War fought between Athens and Sparta

431 BC - 404 BC

Beginning of Greek Drama

425 BC

Greek drama, a symbol of strong civic pride.

Battle of Chaeronea in Greece. Roman victory in 'Latin War' in Italy

338 BC

Reign of Alexander III of Macedon

336 BCE - 323 BCE

Battle of Issus

333 BC

Hellenistic Period

323 BC - 146 BC

(Greek History)

Battle of Ipsus

301 BC

Pyrrhus of Epirus' campaigns in Italy

280 BC - 275 BC

Second Punic War

218 BC - 201 BC

King Attalus III of Pergamum bequeaths his kingdom to the Romans

113 BC

Introduction of the gold coin “aureus”

50 BC

Romes first gold coin. Used for most trading during the 1st century BC to 4th centruy AD.

Julius Caesar becomes the first dictator of Rome

45 BC

Considered one of the greatest military commanders ever. Turned Rome from a republic to an empire.

The 'Principate'

31 BC - 284 AD

(Roman History)

Battle of Actium

31 BC

Roman Empire began

27 BC

First emperor of Rome Gaius Octavian, Thurinus. (Juilas Ceasar's nephew)

Death of Augustus

14 AD

Assassination of Julias Ceasar

44 AD

Assassinated by senators and plunged Rome into civil war.

Roman Colosseum Built.

70 AD

Largest amphitheatrer ever bult. effective way for Romans to be entertained.

Death of Commodus

192 AD

'Late Antiquity'

284 AD - 641 AD

(Roman History)

Diocletian becomes Emperor

284 AD

Constantine defeats Licinius

324 AD

Fall of Rome

376 AD - 476 AD

Rome was sacked by multiple groups of barbarians and plagued by economic and political issues at the time.