Vietnam Independence


The Viet Minh declare Vietnam Independent


Indochina War

Dec 19, 1946 - Aug 1, 1954

This was known as the Anti-French war in Vietnam as it was the Viet Minh fighting to push French forces out of the country when it spread to Combodia and Laos

China recognizes Ho Chi Minh's Vietnam

Jan 18, 1950

China is now under Mao Zedong's Communist Government and her if offering power to another potential communist country in Asia.

Soviet Union recognizes Ho Chi Minh's government

Jan 30, 1950

Viet Minh pressure France into Geneva Convention

Approx. 1954 - 1954

The combination of the Viet Minh and WW2 allowed for the Viet Minh to push the last of the French out of Vietnam and it combined under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh and created a communist state.

Geneva Convention is held to end hostilities in Indochina

April 26, 1954 - July 20, 1954

The US, France, UK, Soviet Union, and China met in Geneva to end the fighting and came to the agreement, the Geneva Records, to split Vietnam in two with the Northern half ruled by the Viet Minh and the south ruled by the State of Vietnam and Emperor Bao Dai.

The Vietnam War

1959 - 1975

America became involved after the Gulf of Tonkin and continued to fight against the Northern Communism.

USA enters South Vietnam to fight Northern Communism

Approx. 1962

US_Backed Attack and South Vietnamese coup


The US helps the south communist rebel group Viet Cong and throws South Vietnamese President Deim out of power.