Untitled timeline


Jackson Pollock Born

28 January 1912

Born in Cody, Wyoming, the youngest of five boys to Stella May McClure and LeRoy Pollock.

Jackosn Studies under Thomas Hart Benton

April 9, 1930

After moving to New York City, Jackson studied with his brother at the Art Students League of New York.

"Man and Woman"

April 16, 1942

By this time, Pollock had started to paint completely in abstract form.

Number 1


Pollock wanted people to stop looking for sense in his painting so he stopped naming them and started giving them numbers.

Pollock Gets Marired


Jackson gets married to Lee Krasner another abstract impressionist of the time.

Eyes in the Heart


While painting this piece, Pollock develops the "drip and splash" style he becomes known for.

Pollock's Painting Style


Pollock starts laying his canvases on the ground and using his drip and splash technique with a synthetic resin-based paint instead of normal artist paints.

"Easter and the Totem"


As Pollock reaches the height of his career, he abruptly stops using the drip and splash style that he had become known for.

Pollock Dies


Pollock had become a drunkard. Under the influence of alchohol he crashd near his home, killing himself and one of the other passengers, Edith Metzger. His mistress, Ruth Kligman, survived the crash.