The Medieval Church


The council of chalcedon


a council was gathered at chalcedon

Black Death in Central China - 1333


An epidemic in 1333 which would eventually destroyed two-thirds of China’s population hit the northeastern Chinese province of Hopei. It took up to 90% of the population.

25 million people had died in Europe

1347 - 1352

1/3 of the population in Western Europe was dead from the plague.

Black Death Arrives in Europe


The Black Death appeared in Europe during October 1347 in Messina, Sicily. It arrived through trading ships that was very likely to come from the Black Sea, past Constantinople and the Mediterranean.

Plague arrives in England - 1348


Black Death spread to England in 1348. It came to a city name Bristol in England, a famous European port. The plague arrived in the summer months of August or around that time.

Plague reaches London


The Black Death soon reached England by the year of 1348. Bristol was believed to be the city that Black Death first reached in England. It was an important European port and city in England during the Medieval time.

200 people burried everyday - Feb. 2nd. 1349


On November 1st 1348, the Black Death reached London. By February 1349, 200 people were being buried every day.

October 31st


: Martin Luther circulated 95 theses where he posted them on the door of the Wittenburg Castle Church. The document had the attack on papal abuses and the sale of indulgences by the church



Luther gained great popular support on his ideas



the British isles and much of Germany, Austria and France had broken with Rome.

Pope Paul III

1534 - 1549

Pope Paul lll led the church

The Jesuits


The Jesuits were founded by St Ignatius of Loyola, and approved by Pope Paul whom they were in solidarity with. Their motto was,’ To the greater glory of god’.
The Jesuits were dedicated to the education of young people and priests.

The Trent

1545 - 1563

The Trent council responded to the issues of the reformation.



German Princes were given the right to choose their own religion, the reformation reached Northern and Eastern Europe



the doctrine of papal infallibility had been used to define the dogma of the immaculate conception

The first vatican council

1869 - 1870

Reviewed and summarised Catholic faith and dealt with the authority of the pope

The Second Vatican Council


the united nations had been formed as a world guardian of human rights

The Second Vatican Council

1962 - 1965

the second vatican council was held