History of Uruguay

- Humanities (1516-now)


Spanish Arrive


Spanish Rule over Colonial Uruguay

1516 - 1811

-The Spanish arrive and control the section of land that is now Uruguay (1516)
-Revolutionary Jose Artigas, launches a successful revolution against the Spanish (1811)

Spain introduces Cattle into Uruguay


First permanent Settlement


-Founded by the Spanish Soriano on the Rio Negro

Montevideo founded


-Montevideo founded

Independence Struggle

1811 - 1828

Declaration of Independence


-Declaration of Independence from Empire of Brazil

Recognition of Independence


-Recognition of Independence from Empire of Brazil

The Treaty of Montevideo signed


-Treaty of Montevideo signed declaring Uruguay to be an independent state
-Spanish left and Uruguay became a country
-Jose Artigas
-Uruguays first national hero
-launched successful revolt against Spain

Uruguay as a nation

1830 - 2012

Uruguayan First Constitution

1830 - 1934
  • Drafted in 1830
  • Declared Uruguay a independent state
  • Rest of 19th century involved : -Influx of immigrants -Mostly European - Interventions and conflicts with neighboring
    states -political and economic fluctuations

Civil War

1839 - 1851

-represented the agricultural interests of the countryside and promoted protectionism
-represented the business interests of Montevideo
-French had war going against other countries in same area as Uruguay
-Manuel Oribe was close with the leader of Argentina, a country who was waging war against the french, so is neutral but wont help the french
-French want to be able to use Uruguay against the Argentineans and Chile (the french were unable to deploy troops
-French help Fructuoso Rivera and his Colorado army overthrow Manuel Oribe Blanco government
-Rivera then declares war on Argentina leading to the 13 year long "Great War"
-1842 an Argentinean army invades Uruguay on Oribes behalf and is able to conquer most the country except for the capital
-1843 the Siege of Montevideo lasted 9 years
-Britain, French, and Brazil all go against Argentina and set up a blockade around Argentina until Argentina removes its troop from Uruguay
-Argentina leaves Uruguay with the Colorados still in charge

First Bank


Authoritarian Period of Government

1875 - 1886

-Military center of power
-Government tries to modernize country
-encouraging economic and social transformation
-Pressure groups (business-men, industrialist, etc.) have large influence in government

Total Population : 1879


-Total Pop. 480,000

Military loses influence in Goverment


Transition Period

1886 - 1890

-Change in government and politicians gain lost ground in influence in government
-some civilian participation in government starts

Uruguayan Second Constitution

1934 - 2012

Military Rule (Military Government)

1968 - 1985

-Basically a rule of Dictators until 1984
-Shock to all
-Uruguay had the best record for continuous democracy
-This era of time was responsible for the worst torturing and political prisoners then most Latin America countries at the time

State of Emergency Declared


-The Tupamaros were causing Havoc and Chaos through out the country
-The Military closes congress and establishes a civilian-military regime

Protests Against Dictatorship


-24 hour mass protest and general strike against dictatorship
-talks begin after and the armed forces announces plan to return to civilian rule
-National Elections were held and Colorado party Julio Sanguinetti elected president

Return to Democracy

1985 - 2012

-Government Type: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
-Current President: Jose Mujica
-Current Vice-President: Danilo Astori

Complete Return to Civilian Government


-Colorado party leader elected president
-institutes mass reforms after 17 year long rule of dictators

Total Population: 2011


-Total Population: 3,286,314



Right Now