Romeo and Juliet


Capulet vs. Montague

May 5, 1500

The First important part of Romeo and Juliet is when Mercutio stirs up trouble with a Capulet and a big brawl begins. This leads to much concern and the Prince brings the Montague and Capulets together and tells them that if they fight one more time they will be exiled.

Star Crossed Lovers

May 6, 1500

This important event was when Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio go to the Capulets and Romeo finds Juliet. Romeo Thinks that Juliet is the most beautiful girl in the world and they fall in love at sight.

Balcony Scene

May 6, 1500

The Balcony scene is very important, Romeo sneaks off to try to find Juliet and he finds her at her balcony. Juliet is talking about Romeo and Romeo pops out and startles her. They begin to talk to each other on how they are in love with each other. Juliet then brings the idea of marriage and Romeo then goes to the Friar to set up Marriage.

Romeo and Juliet Marriage

May 7, 1500

This scene is important because Romeo and Juliet get married when no one else knows except the Friar and the Nurse. Romeo and Juliet are now married as a Capulet and a Montague.

The Brawl Leads to Banishment

May 7, 1500

Right after Romeo and Juliet get married, Tybalt is trying to find Romeo to slay him. Tybalt runs into Mercutio and Romeo does not want to fight, so Mercutio fights Tybalt, Romeo tries to break up the fight and this gives Tybalt time to slay Mercutio. Romeo then gets very angry and runs after Tybalt and kills him. The Prince then declares that Romeo is banished.

Wedding Night

May 7, 1500

This scene is important because this is the last time Romeo and Juliet see each other alive. Romeo leaves Verona in this scene and leaves Juliet because he thinks he will see her soon.

Juliet and Paris

May 8, 1500

This scene is important because Lord and Lady Capulet do not know about Juliet's marriage with Romeo and Lord Capulet has set up a marriage for Juliet and Paris. Juliet refuses to marry Paris and this makes Lord Capulet very angry and goes off on Juliet and says that if she does not marry Paris, he will disown her.

The Potion

May 8, 1500

After the fight with Juliet father, Juliet goes to the Friar and asks for any ideas to stop the marriage with Paris or else she will kill herself. The Friar is very good with plants and makes a potion that will make Juliet seem as if she is dead for 48 hours.

Juliet's "Death"

May 9, 1500

Juliet takes the potion the night before the wedding with Paris and the next morning the Nurse comes to wake Juliet and and finds Juliet "dead". The Nurse, Lady Capulet, and Lord Capulet all weep over Juliet's death, but the Friar is there and tells them that they can turn all of the wedding decorations and use them for Juliet's funeral.

Letter Mix Up

May 10, 1500

The day after Juliet's death, the Friar sends a messenger to give Romeo a note about Juliet, but the messenger got caught up somewhere and did not get Romeo the note before Balthasar got to Romeo and told him that Juliet is dead.

Romeo's Death

May 10, 1500

After not getting the note about Juliet, Romeo hurries to Juliet's tomb, but makes a stop to get a poison that would for sure kill him. Romeo gets in the tomb and sees Juliet is lying there and Romeo for sure thinks that Juliet is dead. Romeo drinks the potion and the potion kills him instantly.

Juliet's Death

May 10, 1500

The Friar comes to the tomb just too late before Romeo kills himself. Just a minute after Romeo dies, Juliet wakes and the Friar urges Juliet to go with him because he hears people coming, but Juliet refuses because she sees that Romeo is dead. The Friar hears the people getting closer, so he runs without Juliet. Just before the people get there, Juliet gets Romeo's dagger and kills herself


May 11, 1500

The day after Romeo and Juliet die, the Prince brings all the Capulets and Montagues together and tell them what they have done. Lord Capulet and Lord Montague make peace and say that they are sorry for all the sorrow and will make tribute to each other.