Aspects of Life in Germany & West Germany 1918-89

Based on Edexcel AS/A Level History Nationalism, dictatorship and democracy in 20th Century Europe



9th November 1918 - 30th January 1933


11th November 1918

Women Get the Vote

12th November 1918

First Weimar Republic Elections

19th January 1919

Treaty of Versailles Signed

28th June 1919

New Women


SS Marriage order (SS only marry Aryans)

31st December 1931


30th January 1933 - 7th May 1945

Boycott of Jewish Shops

1st April 1933

Law for Restoration of the Professional Civil Service

7th April 1933

Women in Civil Service Dismissed

30th June 1933

Law for Protection of Hereditary Diseases

14th July 1933

Hitler Becomes Fuhrer

2 August 1934

Nuremburg Race Laws

15th September 1935

Law for Protection of Hereditary Health

18th October 1935

Women Allowed To Work Due to Shortages


Grounds for Divorce Include: Infertility, Abortion and Refusal


Night of Broken Glass

9th November 1938

Jewish Shops Aryanised

3rd December 1938

Mother's Cross introduced

May 1939

Curfew on Jews

1st September 1939

1st Deportation of Jews to Ghettos

12th February 1940

Death Camps Authorised

20th January 1942

Chelmo Begins Gassing Jews

8th December 1942

West Germany - Trizonia

7th May 1945 - 22nd May 1949


22nd May 1949 - 9th November 1989

Women Given Equal Status in Marriage