The Life of James Gatz


James Gatz is Born


Born in North Dakota to a poor farm family

James Gatz works on Lake Superior


Works as a clam digger and salmon fisher

Gatz goes to St. Olaf Lutheran College in southern Minnesota


Drops out two weeks later due working unhappily as a janitor to support himself

Meets Dan Cody and becomes Jay Gatsby

1907 - 1911

At 17 meets him at Little Girl Bay and sails the seas with him as his partner for 5 years

Dan Cody dies


Dies in Boston, leaves 25,000 dollars to Gatsby, but his mistress Ella Kaye uses legal force to take all the inheritance for herself. This leaves Gatsby broke, but learned the way of the rich

World War I

1914 - 1918

Gatsby and Daisy meet in Louisville


Daisy was 18 and Gatsby was 27. Even though they were only together for a month, he was already in love with Daisy

Gatsby goes to Oxford


He only stays there for five months in a program for army officers

Gatsby meets Meyer Wolfsheim


Wolfsheim would later become his future partner

Gatsby Buys a Mansion Across the Bay From Daisy

May 1921

Does this to rekindle whatever they started before he headed out to the army

Gatsby and Daisy Begin Their Affair

August 1922

Myrtle Dies

August 1922

She is killed by Daisy in a hit and run while driving Gatsbys car. Gatsby is willing to take the blame for her

Wilson and Gatsby's Death

August 1922

Killed by Wilson as vengeance after Myrtles death, who then kills himself after

Gatsby's Funeral

September 1922

Only few (Nick, Gatsby's dad, and Owl Eyes) showed