SSkipper Unit 4 Timeline


The First British ships, arrived in Botany, Bay, Australia


The ship carried about 700 convicts. Those who survived the eight- month voyage faced hardships on shore.

Britain passes the Constitutional Act of 1791


The act created two provinces; English- speaking Upper Canada and French- speaking Lower Canada

Parliament passed the Act of Union


Acting on some of Durhams recommendations Parliament passed the act
The act joined the two Canadas into one province. it also gave them an elected legislature that determined some domestic policies

Britain annexed New Zealand


The United States acquired the thinly populated regions


Acquired the thinly populated regions of Northern Mexico; gaining all or parts of present day states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Colorado

American ships sail into Tokyo Bay

July 1853

a fleet of well armed American ships commanded by Commodore Matthew Perry

The Treaty of Kanagawa


the shotgun Iesada agreed to open its port to diplomatic and commercial exchange

Benito Juarez gained power


A liberal from reformer of Zapotec Indian Heritag. Opened the an era of reform known as La Reforma

France had seized a portion of southern veitnam


over the next decades France took over the rest of Vietnam and all of Laos and Cambodia

Napoleon III sent troops to Mexico


and set up Austrian archduke Maximilian as emperor

Britain passed the British North America act


The act created the Dominion of Canada. Canada had its own parliament similar to Britain

Juarez returned to power


He returned to power and tried to renew reform but opponent resisted. he later died in office , never accomplishing all the reforms he envisioned

Members of the government traveled overseas


they travel overseas to educate themselves about western governments, economies, technology and customs

Britain annexed Burma


The emperor issued the Meiji constitution


it set forth the principle that all citizens were equal before the law; it gave the emperor autocratic, or absolute power

Europeans controlled most of Southeast Asia


they introduced modern technology and expanded commerce and industry

Japan gains power


competition between Japan and China in Korea led to the First Sino-Japanese War. Although China had great resources, Japan had benefited from modernization

The Spanish American War broke out


the war broke out between Spain and the United States over Cuba's attempt to win independence from Spain

Japanese woman were forbidden any political participation


they were also legally lumped together with minors

Filipinos battled American forces

1899 - 1901

Led by Emilio Aguialdo. thousands of Americans and hundred of thousands of Filipinos died. as a result the Americans crushed the rebellion

Claimed nearly every island in the Pacific


The United States, Britain, France, and Germany had claimed almost every island in the Pacific

Venezuela and Mexico were developing important and lucrative oil industries


New Zealand won independence


independence with their own parliament, prime minister, and elected legislature. they also preserved close ties to the British Empire

Panama Canal Opened