Development of the Modern Theory of Evolution


A new naming system


Swedish scientist, Carolus Linnaeus published Systema Naturae, which comprises the common modern naming system of binomial nomenclature.

Birth of paleontology


French scientist, Georges Cuvier is recognized as the father of Paleontology along as being well known for his rejection of any evolutionary theory from his study of the fossil record.

Population studies


Thomas Robert Malthus published "An Essay on the Principle of Population." The 6th edition was cited by Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin in progress of the theory of natural selection.

First theory of evolution published


Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, printed his theory of evolution. Which was that evolution happened through the inheritance of acquired features.

New thoughts on geology


Charles Lyell publishes "Principles of Geology." This made a new view of geology.

The First Essay


Charles Darwin writes an essay about the theory of evolution. But was never published.

Competition for Evolution


Alfred Russel Wallace publishes a paper which have the same idea as Darwin, along with the natural selection. Darwin's friends show Wallace's and Darwin's theories at the Linnean Society.

The Origin of Species


Darwin becomes ill, his book "The Origin of Species" is published and became popular.

Heredity experimentation


Mendel's pea plants therory printed, making the background for the basis of natural selection.

Importance of DNA in heredity


August Weismann writes how significant DNA is to heredity, alongside with germ cell theory.

Chromosomes and heredity


Walter Sutton suggested that chromosomes basis for Mendelian inheritance of characteristics.

Genetic material verified


DNA is confirmed to be genetic material which is that inheritance passes from one generation to the next.