History of 751 Furnace Square

This timeline shows the historical events of furnace square from zero to now.

Beijing ZhenDong Electronic Power Group Ltd. Development

Beijing ZhengDong Electronic Power Group LTD. Established (751)

5/10/1956 - 10/23/2012

The company was an important part of the Chinese Government's first Five-Year Plan. All these buildings were built to serve the coal-gas consuming of one-third of Beijing area. China got the support from East Germany architects and engineers while design and build.

First expansion of 751

10/01/1970 - 10/01/1972

Second expansion of 751

10/01/1989 - 10/01/1991

Out of production of coal-gas

01/31/2003 - 03/31/2006

Because the natural-gas replaced the coal-gas, the company decided to stop production of coal-gas, and a lot of factories and furnace abandoned.

Transforming from Industrial to cultural industries


This company kept all of abandoned industrial buildings for the purpose of saving the history of this area. And they trying to find a new way to lead this area into a second life.

Beginning of 751 Renovation Plan

03/01/2007 - 10/23/2012

IDEA STUDIO is the Architect company who get this offer.

Thesis site research

First Visit of 751 Furnace Square


General research of 751 D-Park. And choose the site in this area for thesis and thinking of thesis topic.

Second Visit 751 Furnace Square


Decided to choose 751 Furnace Square for thesis.
Took photographs; Interviewed the administrator Mr. Cui; Get the information of the surrounding of the site

Third Visit 751 Furnace Square


map the site and get all dimension of each furnace, tank and pipes.
took a video clip to introduce the 798 Art Zone and 751 D-Park, also the 751 Furnace Square