Post-revolution Russia


Bolshevik Revolution


The Bolsheviks revolted against the previous rule of the Russian Empire inspiring many other European countries to do the same. At first the Bolshevik control started out as planned but it soon turned into a strict dictatorship where all other political parties were abolished

Russian Civil War

1918 - 1921

The Bolsheviks fought against the armies of White Russians who wanted to restore the old Russian order. The White Russians were supported by Britain, France, the US and Japan, however the Bolsheviks still prevailed.

Sailor Revolt crushed


Sailors, who were previously some of the Bolshevik's biggest supporters, revolted against the one-party rule of the Bolshevik party. The revolt, which occurred at Kronstadt Naval Base was crushed but it did force the Bolsheviks to temporarily relax economic control

Stalin comes to power


Joseph Stalin uses his position as the General Secretary of the communist party (previously the Bolshevik Party) to outmanoeuvre his rivals and take control of the party.

Lenin Dies


Vladimir Lenin dies of a stroke

Stalin launches the first of the Five Year Plans


Joseph Stalin introduces the first in a series of Five Year Plans to develop Industries

Trotsky Exiled


Leon Trotsky is exiled by Stalin.

Peasant farms combined

1929 - 1935

Peasant farms were combined into huge collective farms. Any who resisted were executed or sent to slave labour camps.

Stalin becomes undisputed dictator

Approx. December 1929

Joseph Stalin becomes the USSR's undisputed dictator

Grain confiscated to fund growth of manufacturing

1932 - 1933

Thirteen million peasants starved to death because their grain was confiscated to fund the growth of manufacturing.

Great Purge

1936 - 1938

Stalin unleashed a wave of terror in anyone that criticised him was executed. Many former Bolsheviks were forced to confess to crimes they did not commit and were executed. People in Russia now lived in fear and were controlled completely by the government.