The History of The Bee Gees' and The Beatles

The Bee Gees'

The Bee Gees' Debut

Approx. 1958

The Gibb brothers (excluding Andy) created the Bee Gees'

The Bee Gees'

1958 - 1969

The Bee Gees' went on for more than 10 years and then the tension started to form between 2 of the members. You know brothers. Now, all but one are deceased.

First Hit Song

June 10, 1965

The first hit song by the Bee Gees' was in 1965 and was called "New York Mining Disaster 1941"

First album

July 14, 1967

The First album was called "Bee Gees' 1st"


October 26, 1967

The Bee Gees' sign a managment contract in 67

The Beatles

ABBA Debut

Approx. 1972