The First Crusade


Seldjuk Turks gain power and territory

Approx. 1030

This is a major event that leads to the First Crusade

Jerusalem Taken


Seljuk Turks take Jerusalem

3000 Christian pilgrims massacred

1085 - 1095

Seljuk Turks massacre Christian pilgrims when they travel to the Holy land

Peter the Hermit Preaches

1095 - 1096

Alexius I asked Pope Urban II for help

November 27 1095

Seldjuk Turks gaining more power and territory which prompted Alexius I to ask Pope Urban II for help

Pope Urban II called for a council

November 27 1095

Council in Clermont

People's Crusade

Approx. April 1096 - Approx. October 1096

It's separate from The First Crusade as they left before the official start date

The First Crusade

August 15 1096 - July 15 1099

To take back the Holy Land

Siege of Nicea

May 1097 - June 1097

Battle of Dorylaeum

July 1097

Siege of Antioch

October 1097 - June 1098

Capture of Antioch

June 3 1098

Robert Guiscard the eldest son of Bohemond led the capture of Antioch

Siege of Jerusalem

7 June 1099 - 15 July 1099

Week Long massacre

15 July 1099 - Approx. July 21, 1099

The crusaders massacred the inhabitants of Jerusalem after they take the city from the Muslims 10's of 1000's of inhabitants killed

Pope Urban II Died

July 29 1099

Died before hearing the news about his victory

Final attack against the crusaders

August 1099

Complete end to the First Crusade