Deaf president now!


Everybody announced to new seventh president nomination,Elisabeth zinser

March 6,1988

Began the students started the protest to seventh president nomination

March 7,1988

Continued the protest, four students that had the protest and they were Brigitte Bourne

March 8, 1988

Four days later, Dr,I king Jordan and four students as leaders going to the hotel at meeting with Elisabeth zinser.

March 9,1988

Deaf schools has lock down, come and donated the food and supplies.many supporters of the protests

March 10,1988

Elisabeth.Z has resigned before Dr.I.KingJordan become the deaf president. Not leave school for the spring break.

March 11,1988

Afternoon, protester want to bbq and festive and calling donation food and supplies

March 12,1988

after protesting, they announced about new deaf president is Dr. I King Jordan.

March 13,1988

After the deaf president ,This protest changed deaf past, present and future.

March 14,1988