Labor Strikes 1929-1939


Harlan County War Strike

1931 - 1939

It was a serious of coal mining strike with bombings and executions. Coal miners also wanted better working conditions and better wages.

Century Airlines pilots' strike


This was a strike that only lasted 2 months. This strike was by pilots from Chicago Air Lines following a proposal in early February by company owner Errett Lobban Cord and workers wanted the company owner to cut wages by up to 40%.

Minneapolis Teamsters Strike

1934 - 1936

In 1934 Minneapolis was one of the major hauling centers of the United States and the major distribution center in the Upper Midwest. Thousands of truck drivers were employed in the city's trucking industry, but many were unorganized.

Pacific Northwest Luber Strike


It was an industry wide labor strike lasting for only three and a half months. It was organized by the Northwest Council of Sawmill and Timber Workers Union.

Flint SIt-Down Strike

1936 - 1937

It was against the General Motors that changed the United Automobile Workers from the industry into a major labor union. This led to the domestic United States automobile industry.

Berkshire Knitting MIlls Strike

1936 - 1937

It was made by the American Federation of Hosiery Workers. It was an unsuccessful strike lasting thirteen months. It was the world's largest hosiery mill.

Little Steel Strike

1937 - 1942

It was a strike made by the Steel Workers Organization against a number of smaller steel producing companies. It was also one of the most violent strikes of the 1930s