Chronology of the Late Republic


Marcus Lucinius Crassus is born

115 BCE

Marcus Tullius Cicero is born

106 BCE

Gnaes Pompeius Magnus is born

September 106 BCE

Birth of Gaius Julius Caesar in Rome, Italy

July 12, 100 BCE

Cicero serves in Social War

90 BCE

Pompey is hailed imperator

83 BCE

Pompey scores victories for Sulla with private army

83 BCE

Cicero completes his first case "Pro Quincto"

81 BCE

Pompey receives triumph and agnomen "Magnus"

81 BCE

Cicero serves as quaestor in Sicily

75 BCE

Caesar is captured by pirates

75 BCE

Caesar combated against Mithradates who had declared war on Rome

74 BC

Caesar Is elected Pontifex

73 BCE

Crassus is made praetor

73 BCE

Pompey receives second triump and named consul

71 BCE

Crassus disputes Spartacus's slave revolt in Italy

71 BCE

Pompey restores powers of tribune and revises office of censor

70 BCE

Crassus Is named consul

70 BCE

Cicero serves as aedile

69 BCE

Caesar Is elected qaestor

68 BCE

Cicero serves as praetor: supports command against Mithradates be given to Pompey

66 BCE

Crassus Is named censor

65 BCE

Caesar Is elected Pontifex Maximus

63 BCE

Pompey annexes Syria and invades Judaea

63 BCE

Pompey receives third triumph

61 BCE

Caesar serves as governor of Roman province in Spain

61 BCE

First Triumvirate

60 BCE - 53 BCE

Caesar, Pompey, Crassus

Cicero refuses to participate in Frist Triumvirate

60 BCE

Pompey marries Caesar's Julia Caesar

59 BCE

Caesar serves as consul

59 BCE

Cicero is declared an exile

58 BCE

Crassus supports efforts to neutralize Pompey's power

58 BCE - 56 BCE

Caesar conquers the remaining parts of Gaul up to the Rhine

58 BCE - 50 BCE

Cicero returns from exile

57 BCE

Renewal of arrangement between Caesar Crassus, and Pompey

56 BCE

Crassus is named consul again

55 BCE

Second consulship of Pompey

55 BCE

Crassus serves as governor in Syria

54 BCE

Battle of Carrhae. Crassus is captured by Parthians

53 BCE

Cicero is elected to consul of augurs

53 BCE

Marcus Lucinius Crassus dies

53 BCE

Pompey marries Cornelia

52 BCE

Pompey is elected to consulship without colleague

52 BCE

Cicero doesn't attend senate session called by Caesar: joins camp of Pompey in Greece

49 BCE

Caesar goes to war against Pompey

January 11, 49 BCE

Caesar pushes Pompey into Egypt

48 BCE

Gnaes Pompeius Magnus dies

September 48 BCE

Cicero meets Caesar

47 BCE

Caesar is dicatator of Rome

45 BCE

Cicero delivers "Philippies" against Mark Antony

44 BCE - 43 BCE

Death of Gaius Julius Caesar in Rome, Italy

March 15, 44 BCE

Marcus Tullius Cicero dies

43 BCE

Second Triumvirate orders death of Cicero

43 BCE