EPQ Gantt Chart - Progression Record


Planning my project

9 July 2016 - 16 July 2016

Developing Potential Ideas

10 July 2016 - 12 July 2016
  • Create mindmaps for my interests, hobbies and the potential areas of I study I would like to create a project on; giving reasons for why such projects would be useful
  • Think of the potential methods and forms I could use to create my project
  • How I would use and find sources for my areas of study

Decide my project title and form

12 July 2016
  • Decide upon my final project title and how I will create it
  • Discover the skills and technologies I will use to create my project
  • Begin collecting a variety of sources for my project

Decide upon my aims and goals for the project

13 July 2016 - 14 July 2016
  • Think of my aims for the project as a whole
  • Think of my aims in developing my skills and uses of technology

Begin to collect sources for my project

16 July 2016
  • Begin to collect and think about the various types of sources I will be using in my research.
  • Find different guides and aids for the creation of my project

Research on Emma Goldman

23 July 2016 - 30 July 2016
  • Research and find sources for my study of the thought of Emma Goldman,

Research on Peter Kropotkin

6 August 2016 - 13 August 2016
  • Research and find sources for my study of the thought of Peter Kropotkin

Research on Murray Bookchin

20 August 2016 - 27 August 2016

Research on Todd May

3 September 2016 - 10 September 2016

Research on David Graeber

17 September 2016 - 24 September 2016

Finish my research

24 September 2016
  • Finish the research for my podcat!

Learn Podcast skills

25 September 2016
  • Use my sources to develop my skills with recording and editing Podcasts

Write my Podcast script

25 September 2016 - 30 September 2016

Using my notes from my research, develop my script for the podcast

Record my Podcast segments

26 September 2016 - 2 October 2016
  • Record one section from my script per day, in the evenings.

Edit my Podcast

8 October 2016 - 9 October 2016
  • Edit my podcast into episodes and improve the listening experience
  • Develop any other peripheral elements that will improve my podcast

Finish Podcast

10 October 2016
  • Finish the writing, recording and editing of my podcast!