historical developments in IVF


First IVF paper published

Approx. 1934

First paper about IVF is published by "Pincus and Enzmann, from the Laboratory of General Physiology at Harvard University" (© 2008 IVF-WORLDWIDE.COM) it outlined the possibilities that a human could be fertilised in Vitro

First IVF experiment

Approx. 1948

800 eggs were retrieved by Jhon Rock and Miriam Menken. These eggs were put in test tubes with sperm and later that year they recorded their observations in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

First IVF birth


first IVF mammal birth (a rabbit) by MC Chang

First laparoscopy egg retrieval

Approx. 1961

the first laparoscopy egg retrieval is described by Palmer from France

First attempt at human IVF pregnancy

Approx. 1965

Robert Edwards and Georgina and Howard jones attempt the first human IVF fertilization

First reported human IVF pregnancy

Approx. 1973

Monash university research team reported the first human IVF
pregnancy. Resaulting in a miscarriage.

First human IVF birth


First IVF human baby born in Oldham England on July 25th, 1978 by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards

first Australian IVF baby


first Australian-born IVF baby to Victorian Monash- Melbourne team

First IVF triplets

Approx. 1983

The first test-tube triplets are born reported by Christopher Chen.

First IVF baby to an infertile mother

Approx. 1983

The first child is born to a mother without ovaries by the Monash IVF team.

First legislation to regulate IVF


The government of Victoria undertakes a review of IVF and its research which led to the proclamation of infertility, Act 1984. The first legislation to control IVF procedures and its research

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