Mao's Rise to Power


The establishment of KuoMinTang


Wuchang Uprising; Sinhai revolution

October 10, 1911

-Led by Sun Yat Sen

- Overthrew the Manchu empire and established the Republic of China

Sun Yat Sen ceded presidency of the Republic to YuanShiKai


End of Qing Dynasty

Feb 1912

Abdication of Emperor Puyi

Warlord Period

1916 - 1927

Provincial leaders created their own armies and fought with one another for dominance

The May Fourth Movement

  • Treaty of Versailles (German concessions in China was given to Japan)

Chinese Communist Party

  • in Shanghai

First United Front

1923 - 1927

-With support from Russian Comintern
-GMD formed a coalition with the CCP
-To defeat the warlords

Northern Expedition

1926 - 1928
  • led by Chiang Kai Shek
  • to take control of central China from the warlords

Mao returned to Hunan province


To organize peasant associations to support the United Front campaigns

The Jiangxi Soviet

1927 - 1934

-retreated from Hunan to the mountains of Jiangxi province
-seized land and built military base
-Red Army guerilla force was developed to resist the extermination campaigns of the KMT
-attracted a steady stream of supporters

White Terror

April 1927

Turned against the communists with the support of landlords, warlords
purge communist organizations in Shanghai

Nanjing Decade

1928 - 1937
  • Start of Chinese Civil War
  • Chiang's nationalist government

Land Law


-land was taken from landlords and distributed amongst the peasants

Futian Incident


-Red Army troops were tortured and executed on Mao's orders

Japanese Occupation

1931 - 1945

1931 - invaded the province of Manchuria and installed a puppet emperor
1937- Second United Front; full scale invasion of China

Long March

1934 - 1935
  • CCP troops fled from the besieged Jiangxi Soviet and headed for Yanan, Shanxi


1935 - 1945

Won over the peasants with land redistribution, rent controls, campaigns to wipe out corruption and improve literacy
-Tactics of the mass line -- develop close relationship with the people
- 'Rectification campaign' in 1942 -- remove potential opposition
- Strict censorship rules

Chinese Civil War

1945 - 1949

Jan 1949- CCP controlled Beijing
Chiang resigned the presidency and moved his government base to Taiwan