World Cultures Timeline project



2000 BC - 1400 BC

Minoans controlled sea trade with their powerful navy


2000 BC - 1450 BC

The Minoans basically disappeared out of nowhere on 1450 BC.


1700 BC - 1200 BC

They controlled the Greek mainland.


1150 BC - 750 BC

Invaded the Greek land causing them to go into the dark ages of Greece, called the dark ages because they didn't leave behind anything for historians. No writings or anything


776 BC

The first know Olympic games of all time. The foundation to where we get the Olympic games from.


725 BC

Spartans took over the Messenians


625 BC

Messenians revolted against the harsh rule of the Spartans

Draco Law

621 BC

Draco developed a fair code for all the citizens equality.


594 BC

Starts his rule

Tarquin the Proud

509 BC

One of the Roman Kings that made the Romans not want to have a king. His rule was not ruled very proudly!

Roman Republic

509 BC - 27 BC

This is when the Roman Republic ends


500 BC

Cleisthenes ruled

Ionian Greeks

499 BC - 493 BC

Ionian Greeks revolted against the Persians because they were being taxed too much for their liking.

The Battle of Marathon

490 BC

Between Athens and Persians, the Athens wanted the help of the Greeks, but they said they would be there when they are done with their event taking place.

The Battle of Salamis

480 BC

This was a navy battle between Greek city states and Persia. A common quote is the enemy of my enemy is my friend, in this case meaning how the enemy Greek states became allies to beat the bigger Persia

Golden Age of Greece

477 BC - 431 BC

Art and other things flourished during this age.


461 BC - 429 BC

He led Athens and was a politician

Twelve Tables

450 BC

Everyone would have to follow these rules.

Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 404 BC

War starts between Athens and Sparta.


338 BC

Goes into Greece and defeats them in the Battle of Chaeronea

Alexander the Great

334 BC

Alexander's first big victory against the rival Persians, at the Granicus River

Alexander the Great

333 BC

Gets his second big win at Issus

Alexander the Great

331 BC

Beats Persia another time at Gaugamela.

Alexander the Great

326 BC

Starts taking over parts of the Indus Valley, expanding his empire

Punic Wars

264 BC - 146 BC

Three wars fought between Rome and Carthage


202 BC

Scipio defeats Hannibal at battle of Zama

Julius Caesar

100 bc - 44 bc

Made himself dictator for life (never before done before, but you could have done this) then was assassinated by the senators pretty badly, even by one of his closest people he talked too.

Battle of Actium

31 BC

Marc Anthony and Cleopatra killed themselves. Marc Anthony thought Cleopatra was dead then he fell on his sword, Cleopatra killed herself with snake poison so she didn't get paraded around and made a joke

Pax Romana

27 BC - 180 AD

This was the Peaceful time of Rome.

Great fire of Rome

64 AD

Edict of Milan

313 AD

Christianity was legalized in the Edict of Milan

Council of Nicaea

325 AD

The council of Nicaea wrote the Nicene Creed


330 AD

Constantine moved the capital Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople. (The city of Constantine)


380 AD

This emperor makes Christianity the official religion of Rome

Western Empire

476 AD

Western Empire falls due to many problems