History Timeline



2000 BC - 1400 BC

Minoans dominate sea trade.


1700 BC - 1200 BC

Mycenaeans dominate greek mainland.


1450 BC

Minoans mysteriously disappear.


1150 BC - 750 BC

Dorians move into Greece staring the Dark Age.


776 BC

First known Olympic games which were held to honor the gods, every 4 years.


725 BC

Sparta conquers Messenia and made them helots.

Messenians revolt

625 BC

Messenians revolt against harsh rule and the Spartans just barely defeat the revolt which made them a better army.


621 BC

Draco develops legal code based on equality of citizens known as the Draconian Law.


594 BC

Solon rules in 594 BC, gets rid of debt slavery, and establishes four social classes based on wealth.


509 BC

Romans overthrow horrible Etruscan king named Tarquin the Proud and declare d never again to be ruled by king! The Romans established a republic.


500 BC

Cleisthenes rules around 500 BC and reforms the idea of democracy by splitting Athens into ten groups based on where you live.

Ionian revolt

499 BC - 493 BC

Ionian Greeks living on coast of Anatolia revolt against Persian taxes.

Battle of Marathon

490 BC

25,000 Persians vs. 11,000 Athenians and the Athenians won by surrounding the Persian army during battle.


480 BC

Persians launch new invasion of Greece and builds bridge of boats at the Hellespont.

Athens's Golden Age

477 BC - 431 BC

Athens has its Golden age which included Art and Great structures.


461 BC - 429 BC

Politician who leads Athens and had threes goal which were to strengthen Athens' democracy, strengthen the empire, and to glorify Athens.

12 tables

451 BC

Roman laws carved onto stone tablets and became the basis for Roman law.

Peloponnesian War

431 BC - 404 BC

A war that broke out between Athens and Sparta (and their allies) that will continue on and off until 404 BC.

Battle of Chaeronea

338 BC

Macedonians invade and defeat Greeks.

Granicus River

334 BC

Alexander the Great invaded Persia and had his fist major victory against the Persians at Granicus River.

Gordian Knot

333 BC

Alexander cut the Gordian knot and won a battle at Issus.

Hydaspes River

331 BC

Conquers parts of Indus Valley at the battle of Hydaspes River.


331 BC

Persia is defeated again at Gaugamela.

Punic wars

264 BC - 146 BC

3 wars between Rome and Carthage. Hannibal a Carthaginian general during the 2nd Punic War, uses war elephants but, eventually loses in another battle and Carthage was burned to the ground.


202 BC

A roman general who defeats Hannibal at Battle of Zama.


44 BC

Julius Caesar declared himself dictator for Life.

Battle of Actium

31 BC

The battle ends Roman Republic and Cleopatra and Marc Antony commit suicide.

Pax romana

27 BC - 180 AD

Period of peace and prosperity which was Rome's peak.


27 BC

Octavian becomes sole ruler of Rome and called himself Augustus.

Great Fire of Rome

64 AD

A great fire happened in Rome and Emperor Nero blamed the Christians.

Edict of Milan

313 AD

Law from Emperor Constantine that legalized Christianity. The law ended persecution of Christians.

Nicene Creed

325 AD

Council of Nicaea wrote the Nicene Creed which was a statement of beliefs of the Christian church.


330 AD

The capital was moved to Byzantium but, was renamed to Constantinople.


380 AD

Huns attack Germanic tribes living on borders of Rome.

End of Roman Empire

476 AD

Western half of empire disappears politically. Romulus Augustus was the last Roman emperor. The empire was ousted by the German forces. The eastern half flourishes as Byzantine Empire.