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old babylonia

2000 bc - 1400 bc

old babylonia was happened during this time, the first laws were created

waves of migration

1700 bc - 1200 bc

nomadic groups who came from the steppes become indo europeans

Minoa dissapears

1450 bc

minoa mysteriously dissapears here

dorians move into greece

1150 bc - 750 bc

this starts the dark age of greece. writing and arts stop completely as well as trading and economy

first olympic games

776 bc

the first olympic games are held here. it was to honor the greek gods every 4 years

sparta conqueres messenia

725 bc

messenians become helots, slaves forced to farm the land

helots revolt

625 bc

messenian helots revolt against the harsh rule, the spartans barely win, thus they become the tough military nation they are known for


621 bc

draco, as a leader of athens, develops a very harsh legal system for criminals

draco v2

594 bc

draco rules around here, he removes debt slavery and creates 4 social classes based on wealth

no more king!

509 bc

romans overthrow the horrible tarquin the proud


500 bc

solon rules around here and he reforms athenian democracy to have 10 groups in athens based on where you live

ionian revolt

499 bc - 493 bc

ionian greeks revolt against persian taxes

battle at marathon

490 bc

athens fights with persia in the battle at marathon, athens wins

battle of salamis

480 bc

persia burns athens but is then defeated in a naval battle at salamis

athenian golden age

477 bc - 431 bc

pericles takes office here, he is a strong leader and creates a direct democracy. art in athens is very expressive during this age

reign of pericles

461 bc - 429 bc

pericles ruled as a very strong leader and created direct democracy. he also built the parthenon


451 bc

romans make the 12 tables, which become the basis for roman law

athenian war

431 bc - 404 bc

war breaks out between athens and sparta

end of greek independence

338 bc

macedonians come in and take athens and thebes, ending greek independence

persia invaded

334 bc

alexander invades persia


333 bc

alexander liberates egypt from the persians and is crowned pharaoh

end of persian empire

331 bc

alexander takes numerous cities from persia, eventually leading to the end of persia

indus river

326 bc

alexander conqueres the indus river valley

punic wars

264 bc - 146 bc

3 wars between rome and carthage that led to the complete destruction of carthage in its entirety

hannibal looses

202 bc

hannibal is defeated at zama

caesar dies

44 bc

caesar declares himself dictator for life and makes many great reforms, but he is plotted against and killed

republic crumbles

31 bc

this marks the end of the roman republic


27 bc

octavian becomes the sole ruler of rome, the first emperor of many

pax romana

27 bc - 180 ad

a time of good rulers and roman peace

edict of milan


this makes it legal to practice christianity in rome

single empire again


constantine brings rome back together under one ruler, that being himself



constantine moves the capital to byzantium but renames it to constantinople

rome falls


the last roman emperor is ousted by a german general, this marks the end of the roman empire