World cultures


Indo-europeans settle on the Greek peninsula being called the Mycenaeans

2000 BC

The Mycenaeans dominate mainland Greece

1700 BC - 1200 BC

Minoans mysteriously end

1450 BC

Dorians move into Greece

1150 BC - 705 BC

First known olympic games

776 BC

Sparta conquered Messenia

725 BC

Messenians revolt against harsh rule of the Spartans

625 BC

Draco circa 621 BC Develops legal code based on equality of citizens

621 BC

Solon rules

594 BC

Romans overthrow horrible Etruscan king named Tarquin the Proud

509 BC

Cleisthenes-Statesman who rules

500 BC

Ionian Greeks living on coast of Anatolia revolt against Persian taxes

499 BC - 493 BC

Persians are defeated at marathon

490 BC

Persians launch new invasion of Greece

480 BC

Athens golden age

477 BC - 431 BC

Pericles: a politician who leads Athens

461 BC - 429 BC

Romans laws carved onto stone tablets called 12 tables

451 BC

War breaks out between Athens and Sparta (and their allies) and will continue on and off

431 BC - 404 BC

Battle of Chaeronea

338 BC

Alexander the great defeats Darius at Granicus

334 BC

Battle at Issus

333 BC

Persia is defeated again

331 BC

Alexander conquers parts of the indus river valley

326 BC

Punic Wars are fought

264 BC - 146 BC

Scipio defeats hannibal in battle of Zama

202 BC

Julius Caesar is murdered

44 BC

Battle of Actium ends Roman Republic

31 BC

Roman republic ended

27 BC

Rome’s peak (pax romana)

27 BC

Great fire of Rome

64 AD

Pax romana crumbles

180 AD

Christians allowed to worship

313 AD

Council of Nicaea

325 AD

Edict of Milan moves capital to Byzantium but renamed it Constantinople- city of Constantine

330 AD

Emperor Theodosius makes Christianity official religion of the empire

380 AD

Rome ousted by the German forces

476 AD

The western empire falls due to internal and external conflicts

476 AD