WC Timeline Project-Seann Maribbay


Minoans dominate sea trade

Approx. 2000 BC - Approx. 1400 BC

Minoans were powerful seafaring people with a strong navy

Mycenaeans dominate Greek Mainland

Approx. 1700 BC - Approx. 1200 BC

Mycenaeans were heavily fortified and ruled by warrior-kings

The Minoans mysteriously disappear

Approx. 1450 BC

Two possible reasons are that there were natural disasters or there was an invasion from outsiders

Dorians move into Greece

Approx. 1150 BC - Approx. 750 BC

The Dorians arrive after the Mycenaeans fall and sea raiders attack and burn down cities

The first known Olympic games were held

Approx. 776 BC

The Olympics were held to honor the gods every 4 years

Sparta conquers Messenia

Approx. 725 BC

Sparta turns Messenians into helots

Messenians revolt against harsh rule

Approx. 625 BC

Sparta barely puts down the revolt

Draco develops legal code based on equality of citizens

Approx. 621 BC

This is the first law code of Athens

Solon rules over Athens

Approx. 594 BC

Solon gets rid of debt slavery

The Romans overthrow Tarquin the Proud

509 BC

Rome declares to never be ruled by a king

Cleisthenes rules Athens

Approx. 500 BC

He changes the idea of a democracy by splitting Athens into groups based on where one lives.

Ionian Greeks revolt against Persian taxes

Approx. 499 BC - Approx. 493 BC

Battle of Marathon

Approx. 490 BC

Athens wins despite being severely outnumbered

Persians launch new invasion of Greece

Approx. 480 BC

The Persians build a bridge at hellespont to get to Greece

Athen's Golden Age

Approx. 477 BC - Approx. 431 BC

This is the golden age of art and creativity for Athens

Pericles leads Athens

Approx. 461 BC - Approx. 429 BC

Pericles had three goals for Athens: Strengthen the Athens democracy, strengthen the Athenian Empire, and glorify Athens

The Roman laws were carved onto stone tablets

451 BC

The tablets become basis for Roman law

Athens and Sparta fight against each other in the Peloponnesian war

Approx. 431 BC - Approx. 404 BC

Sparta wins the war against Athens

Battle of Chaeronea

338 BC

Macedonians invade and defeat Greece

Alexander the Great invades Persia

334 BC

He defeats the Persians

Battle at Issus

333 BC

Alexander defeats Persia for the second time

Battle at Gaugamela

331 BC

Persia is defeated by Alexander for the third time

Alexander The Great conquers parts of the Indus River Valley

326 BC

He battles at the Hydaspes River and wins

The Punic Wars take place

264 BC - 146 BC

Rome and Carthage fight in 3 wars in which Rome wins

Scipio defeats Hannibal at the Battle of Zama

202 BC

Scipio outsmarts Hannibal by bringing war to Carthage

Caesar was assassinated on the steps of the Senate

44 BC

Civil war breaks out again after his death

The Battle of Actium takes place

31 BC

This battle ends the Roman Republic

The Roman Republic ends

27 BC

The Republic falls because of internal conflicts and civil wars

Rome enters Pax Romana

27 BC - 180 AD

This is Rome's peak when they enter peace and prosperity

The Great Fire of Rome

64 ad

Emperor Nero blames the Christians for the fire

Constantine issues the Edict of MIlan

313 AD

This law legalizes Christianity in Rome

Council of Nicea writes the Nicene Creed

325 AD

The Nicene Creed is the statement of beliefs of the Christian Church

The capital of Rome is moved to Byzantium

330 AD

Constantine renames the capital as "Constantinople"

Christianity becomes the official religion of Rome

380 AD

Emperor Theodosius makes Christianity the official religion of Rome

The Western Empire falls

476 AD

The Western Empire falls because of internal problems, outside invasions, and the separation of the Western Empire from the wealthier Eastern Empire.