world cultures one


minoans dominate the sea trade

2000 b.c - 1400 b.c

the Minoans were a strong seafaring people with a strong navy. they were possibly ancestors to the Greeks.

Mycenaeans dominate grece

1700 b.c - 1200 b.c

During these years the Mycenaean's dominated the Greek mainland. They ruled unmatched until the Dorians invaded.

Minoans disapear

1450 b.c

The Minoans disappear probably due to earth quake which were quite common on the island

Dorians invade grece

1150 b.c - 750 b.c

The group known as the Dorians invade Greece and they cause a period of very little art and literature this is known as the Greek dark age.

first olyimpic game

776 b.c

The first Olympic game are held.

spartans invade the messianians

725 b.c

The Spartans invade and conquered the Messenians

Helot revolt

625 b.c

All people conquered by the Spartans were made into slaves by the Spartan government these people were used to farm and help the Spartan war effort.
these people revolted and almost beat the Spartans. this caused the Spartans to make their military stronger.

Draco comes into power

621 b.c

Draco develops a harsh law code that involves debt slavery.

solon comes into power.

594 b.c

Solon gets rid of debt slavery and makes four social classes.

The etruscans

509 b.c

The Etruscans take control of the Italian peninsula

Clesentinies splits athens

500 b.c

Clesentinies splits Athens into ten groups depending on where you lived. He also gave more power to the ecclesia.

Ionian revolt

499 b.c - 493 b.c

The Ionians revolt against the Persians

The battle of marathon takes place

490 b.c

The battle of marathon took place on September 11 between 25,000 Persian and 11,000 Athenians. The Athenians were under the command of Miltiades. Miltiades wins and drives the Persians back the Persians comeback to try and take Athens but see its defended and leave.

persian lauch a new invasion against grece

480 b.c

Athenians golden age

477 b.c - 431 b.c

In this time period the Athenians prosper with a lot of art and literature coming from this time period.

pericles comes into power

461 b.c - 429 b.c

The twelve tables were carved

451 b.c

The roman laws or the twelve table were carved in tone this was so they could not be changed.

peloponesian wars

431 b.c - 404 b.c

War breaks out between Athens and Sparta. Athens had the upper hand in the sea but Sparta was better on land. These wars happen on and off from 431 to 404 b.c with Athens coming out with the most problems like poverty. These wars set the stage for the downfall of the Greek civilization. But from this tragedy the Greek philosophers come out and start teaching their ways

macedonians invade

338 b.c

The Macedonians invade Athens and Thebes.

Alexander the great invades

334 b.c

Alexander the great invades Persia. This is the start of his 10 year long military campaign that spans from Greece to India.

alexander unties the gordian knot

333 b.c

alexander "unties" the Gordian knot which fulfilled the prophecy that said whoever unties the knot would become king of Asia. He unties the knot by cutting it in half.

battle of gaugamela

331 b.c

This is a costly defeat for the Persians and alexander just had to charge at them to make them retreat

conqueres the indus river valley

326 b.c

Alexander conquers the Indus river valley by winning the battle of the Hydaspes river.

punic wars

264 b.c - 164 b.c

During these years the Punic wars took place between Rome and cartage.

scipio defeats hanibal

202 b.c

scipio defeats Hannibal by out smarting him and bringing the war to carthage. This battle was called the battle of Zama.

Ceaser names himself dictator for life

44 b.c

In 44 b.c Julius ceaser names himself emperor of the roman republic and makes many good reforms such as wider citizenship and more jobs for the poor

octavian wins at actium

31 b.c

Octavian was Ceasers grand nephew and one of the member of the first triumvirate. The battle at Actium was between Marc Antony and Cleopatra vs. Octavian and the roman navy . it was a large naval battle that resulted in the end of the republic.

pax romana

27 b.c - 14 a.d

Pax romana was a time of peace in the roman empire with no civil wars or wars with other countries or invasions. This is considered romes peak.

octavian is made emperor

27 b.c

Octavian become the sole military leader of Rome and makes Egypt a territory of the roman empire. rules in unchallenged from 27 b.c to 14 a.d and takes away power from the citizens.

great fire of rome

64 a.d

The great fire of Rome takes place and Christians are blamed for it

christian are allowed to worship

313 a.d

During this time Christians in the roman empire were allowed to worship Jesus.
This ends their persecution.

coucil of nicea

325 a.d

The council of nicea is formed and they write the nicean creed that states the beliefs of the church.

constantinople becomes the capital of rome

330 a.d

Emperor Constantine moves the capital from Rome to Constantinople. this foreshadows the split of the empire into the roman and the byzantine empire.

western empire falls

476 a.d

The western empire falls due to three reasons. Internal problems such as population decline, inflation, and military turmoil. Second reason is Outside invasions pushed in by the Huns. Lastly separation from the wealthier eastern empire left the western empire defenseless.

emperor justinian comes into power

527 a.d

Justinian was a wealthy noble man who made many reforms and rules with absolute power over the church and state affairs. makes a law code know as Justinian code. This code was used for 900 years and regulates all areas of life.

nika rebelion

532 a.d

mobs rebel against Justinian and his empire he has 30,000 people killed in the hippodrome. This was all caused because of taxes.

plague spreads

541 a.d

A plague spreads across the empire and Justinian is blamed for it.

Leo the third bans all christian icons

730 a.d

Emperor Leo the third bans all icons of Christianity and the clergy rebel

Great scism

1054 a.d

The great schism takes place where the roman catholic church splits. This makes the western church and the eastern church.

constaninople falls

1453 a.d

This capital falls to the ottoman Turks because of new advancements in weaponry like cannons and gunpowder. The city now becomes Istanbul.