The Chinese Revolution of 1949


Chinese Communist Party


In Shanghai, the Chinese Communist Party was created .

White Terror

1926 - 1927

They joined the Nationalist Army to get rid of warlords that got in the way of creating a strong central government. This lasted until the White Terror in 1927 where the Nationalists began to kill Communists.

Japanese invasion of Manchuria

September 18, 1931 - February 27, 1932

The Japanese invaded Manchuria. Shortly after, China's government had the threat of Japanese invasion, Communist revolutions, and the uprising of warlords.

Chiang's Abduction


The National leader, Chiang Kai-shek caused a threat to the Communist Party so a group of generals kidnapped him and gave him the chance to cooperate with the Communist Army.



Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong met to discuss the government after war. The agreed on a democracy, a unified military, and equality for both political parties.

Civil War Take Two

1946 - 1949

Despite their agreement in 1945, both sides failed to up hold it and they soon broke out in another civil war. Through their strong support, superior military, and large amounts of weapons, the Communist Party came out victorious. In 1947, the Republic of China wanted to use Taiwan as a retreating point.

China White Paper

August 1949

Truman's administration published the "China White Paper" that explained the United States' former policy towards China. He did this as a way to protect the U.S. from losing China; however, it failed. Strained ties continued for twenty years after the Revolution but have been repaired.

People's Republic of China

October 1, 1949

China's leader, a communist by the name of Mao Zedong, created the People's Republic of China. This ended the civil war between the two political parties, the Communist Party and the Nationalist Party. The fall of China to communism ended all diplomatic ties. Chiang and his people went to Taiwan for refuge.

True Chinese Government


The United States began to recognize the Chinese government as other than the government located in Taiwan.