Causes and Effects of Imperialism


Cause: Journey of Colonization


Great Britain sent Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to found a new colony on a small island at the tip of the Malay Peninsula

Cause: Nations Compete for Power


To stop any British movement into Vietnam, the French government decided to force the Vietnamese to accept French protection.

Resistance to Imperialism: Sepoy Mutiny


A growing Indian distrust of the British led to a revolt. Indians call this the First War of Independence

Cause: First Colonizations


Great Britain annexed the west coastal states as the first British colony of the Gold Coast.

Resistance to Imperialism: Filipinos against Americans


Filipinos mount an insurrection against the Americans in Manila in February 1899.

Resistance to Imperialism: Nationalism resistance


A new kind of resistance emerged based on nationalism.

Effect: Industrialization in Latin America


Latin Americans also increased their own industrialization. They built factories to produce textiles, foods, and construction materials.

Effect: Indirect Rule


The concept of indirect rule was introduced in the Islamic State of Sokoto, in northern Nigeria.

Effect: Europeans Claim and Conquer Large Empires in Africa and Asia


Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Portugal divided up Africa.