Russian revolution time line


Nicholas II becomes Czar of Russia

Nov. 1 ,1894

After his father, Alexander III, died in 1894, he inherited throne

Revolution of 1905-Bloody Sunday

Jan. 22, 1905

Worker group led by priest Georgy Apollonovich marched to Winter Palace to make demands (peaceful protest) (non violence)
until Imperial forces opened fire to the people, killing and wounding many by the orders of Nicohlas
this causes Strikes and riots that broke out through the country
Nicholas II formed representative assembly (Duma)

Russia loses Russo Japanese war

Sep. 5, 1905

Disagreement happened w/ Japan over who should get territory in Manchuria and Korea
Started war on Feb. 8, 1904
Russia underestimated power of Japanese
Lost war because of surprise attack by the Japanese on the Russian naval

Duma is created

Oct. 30, 1905

Created in result of revolution by Czar Nicholas II
Promised that it would be representative assembly and necessary approval for enactment of legislation

Russia enters WWI

Aug. 4, 1914

Together with France and Britain on the Triple Entente, joined war to prevent Germany from gaining territory during WW1 .

Rasputin's Death

Dec. 30, 1916

Important “holy men” to czar and wife
Was poisoned
Enough to kill 5 men
still Survived
Was shot multiple times
Also survived
Had his skull crushed in
Still survived
Was put under the ice in river
Finally died from drowning

March Revolution

Mar. 1917

After the Czar resigned the provisional government was created .

Czar Nicholas abdicated the throne

Mar. 15 1917

With his train being stopped by riots and mobs the czar, fearing for his family resigned from his position.

Provisional government is established

Mar 15, 1917

After the czar was resigned, the provisional government was created.
Made up of lawyers, bankers, industrialists, capitalists
Very weak
Failed to live up promise of ending involvement in war

Lenin Returns to Russia

Apr. 16, 1917

Coming back from his exile Lenin the leader of the Bolsheviks to take charge og the uprising.

Civil War between Red and White Armies

Oct. 1917 - Oct. 1922

The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks were fighting over Russia and how the government would go on as.

Bolshevik Revolution topples provisional government

Nov 7, 1917

Bolsheviks win making Russia communist country

Bolsheviks change name to Communist party ( S.S.R)

Mar. 1918

Lenin convinces people to go against the provisional government andf they eventually do, storm the winter palace. eventually tearing it down.

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends Russia’s involvement in WWI

Mar. 3, 1918

Ended Russia's involvement in world war 1.

Death of the Romanov Family

Jul. 17, 1918

Shot to death
Burned in a bonfire
Had acid poured on their dead bodies
Buried in woods

Lenin establishes New Economic Policy (NEP)


Lenin returns land to farmers and all that had been taken besides Trade with other countries and banking and lastly transportation

Lenin suffers stroke

may 26 1922

Lenin suffers three strokes. lost the ability to speak after the third one. ( three dates are May 26 1922, Dec. 16, 1922, Mar. 10, 1923 )

USSR established

Dec. 30, 1922

Russia Joins republics in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics .

Stalin becomes Dictator

1929 - 1953

Becomes dictator of U.S.S.R

Stalin’s Great Purges

1936 - 1938

was scared of opposition
many were killed and executed for going against him