Rise of Adolf Hitler


Hitler's 1st German's Workers' Party Speech

October 16, 1919

Adolf Hitler gives his 1st speech during a meeting. The enthusiasm he is met with helps to propel him to become the main attraction at later meetings.

Propaganda Leader


Due to Hitler's speaking success, the party's propaganda job became his duty along with recruiting young men from the army to join the group.

Twenty Five Points

February 24, 1920

German Workers' Party holds it's first mass meeting and Hitler shares his Twenty Five Points, which becomes the political platform for the group.

Hitler Resignation

July 11, 1921

Hitler resigns from party after learning of a revolt by other members who are displeased with his ways. After the members of the revolt realize the group with fail without Hitler, he is able to force them to agree to his terms of being made chairman and given dictorial powers.

Füher of Nazi Party

July 29, 1921

This is the first time Adolf Hitler is publicly announced as the leader of the Nazi Party.

The Beer Hall Putsch

November 8, 1923

There was uproar by much of the public when Germany began to repay debt caused by WWI. The Nazi Party used this as an opportunity to attempt to take over power by trying to kidnap Bavarian leaders. Hitler's goal was to force them to accept him as leader at gunpoint. This backfired on him and he was arrested for treason.

Hiter's Trial and Sentencing


Hitler receives a light sentence for the Beer Hall Putsch. He is given 5 years with a possibility of parole. During his trial, he is able to use it as a chance to share his Nazi propaganda due to his judges being chosen by a Nazi sympathizer.

Return to Power

December 1924

After serving 9 months, Hitler is released. He takes back his role of the Nazi Party.

Wall Street Stock Market Crash

October 29, 1929

When the stock market crashes, economies around the world suffer, including Germany. The Nazi Party sees this as their opportunity to gain momentum and public approval.


January 30, 1933

After many years of campaigning, secret deals, and backstabbing, Hitler is finally named Chancellor of the German Nation. This allows him to set the wheels in motion to become the dictator of Germany.