The Martian Chronicles


Rocket Summer

January 1999

A rocket called "Rocket Summer" got launched into space during the winter in Ohio.


February 1999

In this story, Ylla K and her husband, Mr. K, aren't having a good marriage. The marriage got worse after Ylla told her husband that she had a dream that a human might fall from the sky in a spaceship and talk with her. In her dream, she said that she kissed him and was speaking English with him. Her husband became jealous that he decided to "go hunting" while she waits for a doctor to come. What Mr. K meant by "hunting" was to go kill the human that Ylla saw in her dream because he knew that the dream is a foresight into the future. Mr. K killed the man in the spaceship

The Summer Night

August 1999

Several months after the first humans arrived on Mars, Martians started speak, think, and sing in American English. For example, a Martian singer subconsciously started to sing words from an old British poem. She had no idea why and how she spoke English well and she got a very bad reaction from the audience. Not only did this happen to her, but this also happened to the locals, especially the women. For example, they were hearing English words in their heads and they got so afraid because, to them, it was a sign that humans are coming back to Mars.

The Earth Men

August 1999

After four men arrived on Mars, they're trying to impress the locals that they've come from Earth. The Captain of the group tried to talk to Mrs. Ttt, who was the first to communicate with him, but she couldn't because she was too busy. She tried to get her husband to communicate with them, but she couldn't. So she sent the Captain and his men to her neighbor, Mr. Aaa. The men tried to communicate with him, but he got very upset at Mr. Ttt for sending the men to him and he plans on killing them. Mr. Ttt then sent the men to Mr. Iii. On the way to Mr. Iii's they ran into a little girl and told her about how they came to Mars. She told them that they should go to Mr. Iii. Once the men got to Mr. Iii they told him that they came from Earth and expected to get a "congratulations". Instead, they were given forms sign for euthanasia, something that they didn't know about. They were also given the key to a house and were told to go Mr. Xxx. Once they got to the house, they told the Martians there the same story, and they got a different response. There were lots of clapping and cheering. After the cheering died down, they told the men that they were from Earth, too, but they actually weren't, they were just making up the places where they came from. They realized that they were in an insane asylum because of how the patients reacted to the four men. Then they started to see Martians doing unusual things like embedding into a crystal pillar and turning into gold. Then Mr. Xxx, the doctor, came and told the men that only the captain is insane, then the captain tries to prove Mr. Xxx that he's not insane by telling him his story about how he got to Mars. Mr. Xxx didn't believe him, so he tried to convince him that he's not insane by taking him to the rocket. Mr. Xxx still didn't believe him so he killed the captain. Then, Mr. Xxx killed the three men because he thinks they're insane, too. Then he thinks that he's insane because he was still in the rocket so he killed himself.

The Taxpayer

March 2000

There was a man who wanted to go to Mars so badly because of the upcoming "atomic war". He tries to prove that he can go by saying that he has been a good citizen, but the astronauts going into the rocket ignored him.

The Third Expedition

April 2000

Once the rocket landed on Mars, sixteen men saw that Mars looked exactly like Earth. The some of the men wanted to go check it out, but the captain had half of the men stay in the rocket and to have the other half go with the captain. As the eight men were walking around on Mars, they heard a phonograph record playing some songs. They weren't sure whether they were actually on Mars or not so they asked a woman where they are, and she said that they were in Green Bluff, Illinois in the year of 1926. Lutist, one of the men, concluded that they were on Earth because they traveled through time. The captain rejected that conclusion and said to go to someone else and ask where and when they are. As the men were looking for other people to ask they discussed why the woman said that she's in Illinois in the year 1926. During one of the discussions, Lutsig saw his grandparents and he ran towards them and embraced them. Then he and his captain were invited into Lutsig's grandparent's house. The two men talked with Lutsig's grandparents about Mars and learned that they've been on Mars ever since the day they died, but it wasn't heaven. After the visit, the eight men discovered that the other eight men on the crew abandoned the rocket. The other eight men left because they saw their dead friends relatives, too. Then, the captain saw his dead parents and brother and embraced them. Then he was invited for lunch with his family and Lutsig went back with his grandparents. After, lunch the captain went up to his old bedroom and went to sleep, after waking up he realized that the Martians were putting visions of the homes of the dead relatives so the sixteen men can get killed. As the captain was trying to leave his "brother" shot him. A funeral was later held for the sixteen men.

And the Moon Be Still as Bright

June 2001

After arriving on Mars, Jeff Spender, Captain Wilder, Cheroke, Hathway, and Parkhill threw a celebration for being "the first men" on Mars. As the men were celebrating, spender found out that the majority of the Martian race wiped out due to the chicken pox brought by humans. That made Spender angry, and what made him even more angry was that the majority of the men were ignorant enough to not know that colonizing was wrong. He took out his anger on one of the men by punching him in the jaw and the ear. The captain saw what happened, he pulled Spender aside and gave him a word about what happened. Then, the men went into one of the abandoned Martian cities and after arriving, Spender found some type of writing on the stone. He thought it was a poem written by Lord Byron. He read the poem and then drifted away from the group after Biggs choked and regurgitated himself. A week later, Spender returned to the group and said that he saw a Martian and that the Martian was him, then he shot most of the men in the group, including Cheroke. Then he left the group again. Once the Captain found out that Spender killed these men he went out to find him. After finding him, he talked with Spender about why he killed those men. Spender offered the Captain to join him and kill the rest of the crew, but he said no and the Captain shot Spender after the talk. Then, Parkhill was doing some target practice in one of the abandoned towns and got punched in the face for it.

The Settlers

August 2001

All types of people decided to come to Mars because of various reasons like "bad wives or bad jobs or bad towns". What all of those people have in common in terms of their purpose for coming to Mars is to start a new life.

The Green Morning

December 2001

After arriving on Mars, Benjamin Driscoll wanted to see Mars "[growing] green and tall with trees and foliage...". He began to doubt about his purpose in life and his true identity, like he wondered if planting on Mars would make him help others or destroy them. After attempting to plant trees and grass, he passed out due to lack of oxygen. After waking up, he talked to the coordinator about how he still wanted to plant trees and grass on Mars and the coordinator promised to give Benjamin the seeds that he will need to plant. He got the supplies that he needed and he continued to plant, as he was planting it began to rain. The next morning Benjamin woke up and saw grass and trees on Mars.

The Locusts

February 2002

There were hundreds of people heading towards Mars with "hammers in their hands...[and] their mouths fringed with nails...". These people were ready to settle on Mars.

Night Meeting

August 2002

In this chronicle, an old man was talking about Mars with his son. He said that he really liked Mars because Mars is different from Earth and more exciting. After the conversation he drove away and met a Martian on his trip. After they met they argued about whether the Martian was speaking American English or if he was speaking in his own native tongue. They tried to hold hands with each other but their hands "fell through each others". They also argued whether they're alive or not because they can see through each other, and they also argued about whether the Martian race is alive or not. The Martian tried to prove the old man that the Martian race is alive by showing him this city in the distance. The old man couldn't see the city, and therefore didn't believe the Martian. They argued about the city and then they parted.

The Shore

October 2002

More people, mainly American men, and animals are coming to Mars in their rockets.

The Fire Balloons

November 2002

Two priests, by the name of Father Peregrine and Father Stone, went to Mars to save the Martians from sin. Once they got to Mars, the mayor of a town told them about two types of Martians: the fiery ones. After finding about the fiery Martians, Father Peregrine wanted to see them in the mountains. Father Stone and Peregrine went to the mountains and after they met the Martians an avalanche occurred. The two priests were saved by the fiery balloons, but one of them didn't believe that the fiery Martians saved them., and that was Father Stone. The next morning, Father Stone tested his faith by falling off a cliff and shooting himself many times, but in all cases, he was saved by the fire balloons. Later, Father Peregrine decided to change the symbol of Christianity by replacing a cross with the fire balloon. He thought that doing so would get a lot of Martians to practice Christianity. Father Stone joined him in creating an alter at the mountain by adding an organ and bell. The organ and the bell grabbed the Martians attention and the Martians went to the alter and talked with the priests. The fiery Martians explained to the priests that they were once human, but after they lost their bodies they took the forms of fiery balloons. They also explained to the priests that they were already saved from sin and thanked them for their effort to save them. Father Peregrine asked the Martians if he can return to Mars later so he could learn more from them and they said yes.


February 2003

In the time being, humans are bringing in their logs from Oregon and California to build homes, stores, churches, and all types of buildings.

The Musicians

April 2003

A group of little human boys ran over to an abandoned Martian town and played with all of the bones of the dead Martian bodies, pretending that they're musicians. After the boys left, the firemen burned down the old town making way for new towns to come in.